Looking for a cocooning place to have brunch in Paris ? Today, we share with you our favorite chocolatey brunch… Moreover, if you are looking for chocolate in endless fountains for a brunch with your friends (or for you only), you are on the right article !  

Chocolate lovers will melt with pleasure for the brunch served at Hoct&Loca in Paris.

In the heart of the Marais, this brunch whose anagram HOCT LOCA means chocolate is specialized in the matter ! There, you will have the choice between several types of chocolates: dark, praline, milk, caramel… Everything you can imagine ! 

The most chocolatey one in the entire city

The chocolatey menu

On the menu, a three-part brunch formula specially designed for gourmands! We start with the dish, among five choices: for the accompaniment, it’s a local or vegetarian formula.

Then, you will have the chance to taste 6 different chocolates, which allows you to choose the two that correspond the most to you. The two chocolates selected will be served in the form of a hot drink (hot chocolate or coffee), in a ramekin to accompany fruit and pastries, or in the form of a coated ice cream for instance.

Also, you will have an open buffet of pastries, salads, cold cuts, fruit juice, mini waffles… Wonderful isn’t it ? 

The most chocolatey brunch in Paris

Thus, alone with a fascinating book, or his computer, with two or in group for moments of sharing, Hoct&Loca will be perfect brunch for you, chocolate lover, because it is a place of life and tasting warm, cocooning and friendly in the heart of Paris.

Some practical informations about this chocolatey brunch !

  • To enjoy this moment as it should be, go to 99 Rue de la Verrerie in Paris 4th! 

The most chocolatey brunch in Paris

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