Coffee is an institution for us. 

From which form are you drinking your coffee ? If you are new and came through our website it’s probably because you are such a fan of our coffees ! There is a different types of coffee and we know that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to choose, especially when you are in front of the menucappuccino, macchiato, latte…  all coffees that have similar ingredients but differ somewhat from each other !  

Here is a little guide to trendy coffee.

Long Black Coffee

If you like the kick of an espresso but the taste is too strong, the long black is for you. One or two shots of coffee (depends on you) to which the barista adds hot water. For a longer one, just ask for a « weak long black »

The stronger : short black

We call it short black but in many other cultures we say espresso ! This is a very strong one ! The beans, finely ground, are packed in a filter holder through which the hot water passes very quickly. You could also find the Doppio, in our store which is simply a double espresso.

The Flat white coffee

What about the flat white ? Basically it’s a coffee with milk. We use this name mostly in Australia and New Zealand. The two countries are fighting over the paternity of the beverage. He is composed of a dose of coffee on which is added steamed milk.

person who is making a latte

Latte, the comfy beverage

Even if you are not a coffee addict, we all heard about this one ! The latte is composed of a shot of arabica with steamed mild and a thin film of milk foam on top. This film will help to do the latte art ! If you want to know more about this technique I let you look at our article : The Latte Art. The latte is most often served in a glass. 

This is my favorite so far. For me, it’s a comfort drink.

The foamy one : The Cappuccino

The cappuccino is similar to latte. The difference is that there is more milk foam and of course, the indisputable chocolate powder on top.

For chocolate lovers : The Mocha

The mocha is a drink for the one who likes hot chocolate. It’s composed of a shot of coffee and a chocolat powder then we had hot milk with a bit of foam on top.

Affogato coffee

Affogato coffee

In our store we also serve Affogato, which is a dessert coffee. It’s composed of double shot of our arabica with a vanilla ice cream. For a late night version, it can also be accompanied by an alcoholic liqueur as : Frangelico, Baileys or Amaretto.

You will find all of them in our menu ! Hope to see you soon !

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