What could be better than a little sweetness in our lives right now? If you feel that the confinement destroys your morale and that you have no more personal pleasures, this recipe of Swedish cinnamon brioche is made for you ! 

It’s a bit like cinnamon rools but in a Swedish version and instead of rolling them up like raisin buns, they are twisted and rolled up on themselves, so the cinnamon butter inside is really everywhere in the bun and it’s really delicious!

When you are invited to coffee in Sweden, it is almost always served with a cinnamon brioche, petit fours or a piece of cake. And in the cafeteria, these little brioches always compete with the giant muffins. Did you know that there is even a day dedicated to this traditional pastry? October 4th. That’s the official date, but the Swedes always take the opportunity to enjoy a Cinnamon Brioche any day of the year.

First, don’t be afraid of the length of the recipe because it is not complicated ! Second, if you are afraid of the shape of the buns, then you simply can roll them into a snail, or find a small video on youtube. 

Swedish Cinnamon Brioche recipe

Preparation time : 30 min

Cooking time : 20min

Resting time : 8h


First things first : for the brioche dough

  • 430 g T45 flour
  • 50 g powdered sugar
  • 20 g fresh baker’s yeast or 1 bag of 8 g dry yeast
  • 5 g fine salt
  • 150 g whole milk
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 125 g soft butter at room temperature

Then, for the filling

  • 125 g salted butter at room temperature
  • 100 g brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cinnamon

Finally, the gilding

  • 1 beaten egg diluted with a little milk


For the brioche dough

In a bowl, pour the milk at room temperature or slightly warm and the yeast. Let stand for about 10 minutes. Add the flour, sugar and eggs. Mix gently and knead for 10 minutes. The dough should come away from the sides, be smooth and elastic. Then gradually add the butter cubes, making sure that they are well incorporated into the dough. Then let the dough knead for another 10 minutes until it is smooth again. Place the dough in a large bowl, wrap it in plastic wrap (on the dough) and place in the refrigerator overnight (or for at least 2 hours).

For the cinnamon butter

Mix the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon until you have a smooth and creamy mixture.

For the brioche shaping

First, lightly flour your clean work surface. Roll out the brioche dough into a rectangle. Then spread the cinnamon butter over the entire surface of the dough then fold it in three: the upper part on the middle and  the lower part also on the middle so that you end up with a rectangle with three layers of dough. Flatten the resulting rectangle by rolling it out gently with a rolling pin. Twist the strips of dough and roll them up. Lastly, place them on the baking sheets and let them rest for 1 hour covered with a clean, dry cloth in a dry place at room temperature (warm enough).

For the baking 

Preheat your oven to 180°C.
Using a kitchen brush, coat the buns with the beaten egg and milk mixture.
Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes in a revolving oven. The cooking time may vary slightly depending on your oven and the size of your buns.
Once out of the oven, leave to cool on a wire rack and enjoy warm or cold, depending on your patience.

Don’t forget to ad a good a nice glass of fresh milk to go with it, and

Bon appétit ! 

 PS: Now that you’re a pro at making cinnamon Swiss buns, there’s nothing to stop you from varying the pleasures and replacing the cinnamon with chocolate, jam, fruits, sugar, honey or even caramel for instance ! Your imagination is your only limit! 

Also, do not hesitate to share with us some pics of your creations !


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