Do you know what I mean by “plant-based milk” ?

The latte, whether iced or hot, is a must-have drink for coffee lovers. But how about knowing a little more about the different ways to make it with plant-based milk ?

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First of all, we will remind you the basics of the latte, so that you don’t miss a drop of the recipe. To make a latte you need about six ice cubes, two shots of espresso and milk. 

But the secret of the Savor Café is to add a touch of plant-based milk. But do you know what plant-based milk is? 

The plant-based milks are naturally tasty, organic, vegan and low in saturated fatty acids, they are ideal to vary the pleasures or to refresh you with delicacies. This is our favorite combination to get the best latte.

Beyond the fact that it is a milk that corresponds to people being intolerant to lactose or wanting an alternative to animal products, it is a real taste revelator that gives your latte a new flavor. 

Among the plant-based milks, the oat milk is more and more consumed. Its consumption is very varied, and its benefits are numerous. 

Contrary to soy milk which, because of its pollution, is a major player in the consumption of water and therefore in the drying up of the lands, oat milk is the most environmentally friendly plant-based milk. 

Moreover, it is better tolerated than cow’s milk and contains neither lactose nor cholesterol. Its flavor is sweet and pleasant. It also has a naturally weaker taste than soy milk, which adds smoothness to your latte. 

Oat milk is the best nutritionally, it provides carbohydrates, natural fiber and vitamins that help regulate the nervous system. Thanks to the fiber it provides, it is also perfect for making delicious hot chocolate.

“Which one should I test ?”

For lovers of taste and sweetness, almond milk is for you. A real flavor maker, almond milk will give your latte a unique taste. Almond, hazelnut or walnut milk taste delicious. Visually, when subjected to heat, it sometimes produces small creams on top. These are also milks that, when worked, can create milk foam, very appreciable on lattes !

Latte with plant based milk

Discover, here, the different types of coffee that can be served with plant-based milk.

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