At Savor coffee, we welcome you 7 days a week to enjoy our delicious food and coffee in one of the most beautiful place in Paris !
Don’t waste time and discover our menu before you even arrive ! Yummy

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In this page you will discover our main menu but if you come on our shop you will have the privilege to have the daily menu, which changes as you can guess every day ! Here you can find : the entree, our main plates and desserts for the greediest. One of our favorite : the avocado toast, check out our article about salty brunch here.

We hope that each one of you will find something to their liking and have a good time.

Our speciality is coffee and especially the Latte Art : if you want to discover the technic and how we make it, you can have a look here. At Savor coffee, we all have an eco-responsible conscience. This why we are trying to not use plastic for your doggy bag, cutlery are made with a Label FSC wood which assure the preservation of our french forest. We also turning green with our Matcha Tea.