A table with eggs benedict with salmon, avocado toast, pancake with mapple syrup and nuts on top.

The brunch combine the word breakfast and lunch to designate a meal taken between 11am and 3pm. 

The brunch is our life phylosophy ! At Savor Coffee you will always be able to take a sweet or salty plate with your coffee and juice. You know … we love having you over for the brunch on the weekend, shortly after sleeping in. This atmosphere … the smell of hot coffee, smooth pancakes, fresh orange juice always make us want to sit around a table with you, as a family. 

All happiness begins with a quiet brunch

William Somerset Maugham

Even if we offer you the opportunity to take a brunch in our restaurant it’s also possible to make a brunch at home and invite some friends to taste it. We are going to explain you how to make the best brunch in your own kitchen ! 

We promise you, a few simple tips, a list of ingredients and a well-stocked cupboard are enough to ensure a perfect brunch. In this article we will see what is the right balance between sweet and salty, classic and original. If you prefer to be totally improvised or minimally organized. 

How to choose the right brunch ?

As we said above, it’s a mix of breakfast and lunch, it can borrow more from one or more from the other !

What place to choose ? You can eat it under the comforter, in bed or with your family in the garden, in front of the TV or in living room. 

If you are just the two of you, as lovers you can decide to opt for a savored tray with some toast and jam, scrambled/poached eggs, fresh orange juice and a cup of coffee. Nothing too complicated right ? If you are planning a party brunch, with several people and a buffet … it’s a bit more complicated that it seems. Beware of improvisation ! 

Take advantage of this type of moment to get together, with your family or friends. In this case, you will have to think bigger ! What do you will have to think about ? 

  • Big quantities of ingredients and food
  • Keeping the food warm 
  • The seating 
  • The variety of dishes 
  • Decoration
A croissant being spread by strawberry marmelade

What are the classics ?

When we are talking about brunch, there are certain traditions that are impossible to skip. 

If you have some guests at home they will expect to discover few essentials brunch dishes. It means that you will have to include at least :

  • A fruit juice (fresh orange juice) 
  • Hot drinks like tea, coffee or a hot chocolate 

And to eat ? 

Pieces of bread and pastries for the sweet, even pancakes … to decline in salted, why not ? For salty foods, continue with the basics as eggs (scrambled, poached, fried) accompanied with bacon or smoked salmon, cheese. When it comes to choosing a starch, you can opt for potatoes, flavored with herbs and properly seasoned, accompanied by some salad. 

If you prefer sweet food and your guests too, you can make French crepes, pancakes, muffins or scones ! Each of them can be accompanied by fruit : strawberry, raspberry, either maple syrup ! For the greediest, we let you spread with chocolate or jam. Don’t forget the whipped cream on top ! 

Sweet brunch on bed with a tray of pancakes which are topped with red fruits.

The eternal sweet one 

This one is for all greediest as me ! 

If you’re looking for simplicity, a basket of pastries, a few slices of toast and some fruit may be all you need. If you’re looking for a twist on brunch, on the other hand, you’ll need variety ! You can add up the salad bowls of cereals, fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and let each guest compose his own muesli ! 

Alternatively ? Bake muffins, scones, sweet cakes, banana bread (here is such a good recipe for it), cinnamon rolls either French toast ! Vary the breads and spreads, dare fruit pies and pancakes. Don’t forget fruit, plain and yoghurt, creams ! 

Also the waffles topped with whipped cream with a scoop of ice cream. Yummy ! 

You will find some recipes here

A plate of salad with a fried eggs and toast. Perfect for brunch !

For the one who prefer salty brunch

Second pillar of brunch ? The savory of course !

If the must-have brunch item is eggs, don’t settle for just one idea: serve them, scrambled or poached, soft-boiled or in an omelette, on a plate or on toast. 

We have a delicious Eggs Benedict recipe for you here ! You can accompany them with bread, blinis, toast, crackers or cookies… and think of salmon or other smoked fish, perfect allies of eggs. A delight ! Please don’t forget the eternal avocado toast which comes with salmon or whatever you want ! Discover one of our favorite recipe here.

What’s next ? Cheese (especially if you are a true Frenchman) and charcuterie with salad ! On the hot side, have a choice of sausages, cold cuts and bacon. You can also make small quiches, salty cakes, dishes with sauce, small canapés or triangle sandwiches and wraps ! There is plenty to do ! 

Don’t forget the vitamines ! 

A brunch should provide maximum vitamins for the day ! The secret ? Fruits and vegetables in all forms, and especially in smoothies. If you have a blender, don’t hesitate to put them on the buffet, next to a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables, glasses and straws, where everyone can concoct their own drink. Add milk or ice and enjoy a milkshake !

In any case, don’t forget to bring at least one fruit salad. It is also possible to make fruit skewers ! The little extra ? Present each ingredient cut into cubes, so that guests can make up their salad directly on the plate: cheeses, vegetables, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, but also dried fruit, nuts, seeds and salad !

We hope this article has made your mouth water !

xoxo Inès

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